Expanding and or enhancing single player career game

There have been many suggestions made and a multitude of votes cast for various changes and enhancements to the single player career side of the game. So it’s time for the question to get ask and hopefully get and answer one way or another.

Are there any plans to acknowledge the suggestions abd the votes in the shub and make some changes and enhancements to the single player career side of the game? There are many players who wish to play the single player game. They have little or no interest in playing the online multi-player side if the game.

Please let us know if there are plans for the single player career side of the game.


Well they just added temporary endurance races and a single r class series so some might say theyre listening, but seemingly through a cup with a string attached.

Jokes aside, all they have planned is fomo with an extra dose of fomo. They dont play their own game, they have no idea why people would want to play without reaching for the carrot they dangle in front of them.

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I made a suggestion post a while back about having a race calendar and managing multiple cups/sponsors throughout a “season”. Basically it’d be a way to give actual career progression to SP that isn’t just collecting cars and freeplaying them to level 50. You’d have some rating similar to the FIA platinum/gold/silver/bronze, start from the bottom, and as you compete in championships throughout the year, you’d increase your ranking and unlock the ability to enter higher prestige cups the next season. Similar to what Project Cars did, but you’d be able to manage multiple cups on a calendar instead of committing to a single cup every season.

Unfortunately the post got canned because I made too many suggestions in one post. I didn’t bother reposting because individual feature suggestions in this case don’t really make any sense; they all kinda have to exist together.


If you’re talking about the FOMO races that will disappear with the next update then no that’s no listening. That’s just more of the same stuff players have been asking to get rid of or the have left in to expand the career games




With regard to the single player career… The CarPass/VIP bundle DLC at 50% discount is appealing.

But it includes NO single player Tours for the race cars included.

I mean it includes like 40 cars? There should be an easy 20 to 30 Tours included. Class based tours, national/continental tours, brand based single-make tours.


They aren’t going to answer you. This dev team has no communication, they will never spoil an update even if it would be beneficial for them to do so.


Here’s a great way for T10 to expand the single player career. Now people just need to go and vote.