Event Lab - Props may move on their own during placement - 3904521

Following the Eventlab 2.0 update I’ve noticed a peculiar issue where props can “drift” on their own, not unlike stick drift can happen on worn out game pads.

At some point when a prop is duplicated it runs the risk of developing a mind of its own where it will aimlessly wander in a certain direction despite having no input from me.

Unfortunately I have not yet found a sure-fire way to replicate this issue but after a few minutes of working on my project it starts to happen at random. At first I thought it was related to changing camera speeds but I am not certain this is the cause.

Saving a blueprint, exiting out of the eventlab creator, then going back in will reset the issue for a short while but it keeps happening again for me.

This is an odd bug and not one I have ever experienced before. It makes working on events quite challenging! Hopefully a fix can be found and implemented soon.

In this video all I’m doing is hitting Y to duplicate an object. It then starts to move all on its own until finally “snapping” into place. I then cancel it then duplicate it once more where the prop follows the exact same path.

Learning more, the issue also happens when editing an already placed prop. This video shows where the prop continues to have a mind of its own and at one point drifts for quite some distance before settling down.

I have also noticed this. In my experience it is most common when making small movements. Props often shift slightly when first grabbed, which could explain the initial drift.
In this footage I captured you can additionally see that rotating the prop caused the bug quite reliably. The next rotation caused it to return to its original position, though this may be because it was snapped to an adjacent prop.


Yikes, that prop was going on vacation!


Voted, This is very noticeable when making minor adjustments it’s almost like a rocking motion like a boat on water.


I hope this gets fixed! (video) We see the panel move by itself.


I have it on every single prop I select. I don’t know how anyone is making anything in eventlab at the moment with this bug.


I think the workaround to this would be disabling the snap feature and alighning the prop manually and then enabling it again and continue to snap… I haven’t tested this so idk if it would work but just maybe?

And the worse thing is that these “wandering props” can become unselectable after they’re placed once. So you cant even delete them

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Hmm, not sure but I’ve had instances where even with the prop snapping it would then immediately start to wander. If I let the piece snap back into position it’d just start wandering again.

Fortunately I haven’t come across the issue of not being able to select a prop, that’s awful! Knowing this, I’m staying out of the editor until a fix comes through. Thanks for the warning, you may have saved me from a lot of disappointment!

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Voted. Yes, I’ve had this problem as well. Has anyone turned in a support ticket?

Those of you who have the videos should turn in the ticket so support has the video evidence. @Lynx8209 @Steak4DOhuse @Leopard_of_Fire