Error AP301 with updated Nvidia GF 920M

When I try to play I get the Error AP301. when I follow the support page to see my dedicated memory it shows my Intel HD graphics not my Nvidia GeForce 920M.
Also when I do the PgUp+ok it gets to loading and then crashes. Cant get to the main menu. both my Intel and my Nvidia drivers are updated. but still no luck.

Any one know of a way I could get it to work?

Current laptop Specs.
I5-6200U @ 2.3-2.4ghz(Dual Core)
12GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 920M (2Gb dedicated Vram)
Windows 10 Home
1TB Hard drive

920m is too underpowered for the specs. gtx280m benchmarks better and that is really old. Sorry dude. I have a 965m and it struggling in medium. Here is a comparison list of gpu’s.

I would have been ok playing on low if the game would open for me. Just sucks that I can’t get it to open past the first loading screen

I think even in low you would have issues.

I have an NVidia GeForce 920m 4GB GPU along with i7 5th gen octacore processor and 16GB DDRL 3 RAM and still Forza Motorsports 6 says that i have not met the minimum graphics requirement of the game … and this is after i launched the game by pressing the page up button … Can anyone please help me out with the problem … Thanks

Like I said the 920m is a low end card. Nothing will make it work on that. Sorry, I wish I had better news for you.

You guys obviously have no clue what are you talking about. 920m is MORE than enough to play Forza 6 comfortably.

I am playing this game on High in steady 30FPS, 1600x900, MSAA x2 on following laptop:
Lenovo Z50-70
Intel Core i5 1.7GHz-2.45GHz
GeForce GT840m 4GB.

I could run it on 1920x1080 but I don’t need to since it a bit raises temperatures, which I don’t want.

Game runs beautifully. It must be a game glitch since 920m is stronger than 840m. You should be able to run this game on Medium ATLEAST. On low you can easily hit 60FPS.

If I could record with external camera how this game runs, I would since I believe recording software is not good for proving but I have no camera on me. If I find a way to prove to you guys how Forza does run this way on my laptop, I will post video right away.

Laptop graphic cards are very underestimated. I finished many games on GT840m, INCLUDING newest DOOM, Fallout 4, Hard Reset, Shadow Warrior 2, Serious Sam 3, GTA V, Witcher 3, Just Cause 3 and Dark Souls 2,3 and many others. If you do tweaks there and there and keep your system clean, without unnecesary crap running in background - laptop itself will thank you for that.

If you look at my list the 840m is class 2 and 920m is class 3 so the 840m is better. You also have 2 more gigs of ram than his 920m. You cannot just say it is better cause it is newer and has a higher number. It does not always work that way as you can see from the link I posted. The 920m is their lowest end laptop card it is not made to play the latest 2016 modern PC games.
“The feature set of the 920M corresponds to the GT 730M and 825M.”