Endurance racing tips

so i’m going to do 24 hours of le mans in forza 7 while its happening with 2 of my friends. does anyone have endurance tips for me and my friends?

It doesn’t run until June… Yu should consider the Rolex 24 runs in late Jan (25th or so) 2018 at Daytona.

I have no tips… But I would set t laps… Simply goggle average laps run last year… About 736 laps last year.

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A long race I’ve done a couple with 2 other friend running the same car swapping out every couple of hours.

  1. Race consistently and not super aggressive this will assure car stay in good condition and your tires will last a good duration if you are racing simulation.
  2. Keep water close by.
  3. don’t keep your eyes focused in one place for any good length of time this will cause tunnel vision and sometime photo bleaching (seeing splotch of solid color - causes headaches and migraines)
  4. don’t race without a partner 24 hour straight can kill you.
  5. avoid 3 abreast around corners.
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Have a catheter fitted.

My only advice would be to run with sim damage. You need something to keep you focused and to stave off boredom, especially when getting tired. Over an extended time its unlikely that you’ll be racing. You’ll just be putting in laps with no other competitors anywhere near you.


Not to do it if you’re on PC because the game will glitch out

To do it in freeplay mode instead where the poayout is higher than anywhere else

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