Element Exile's FH3 XBOX One Gallery!

This my first thread and really just wanted to get some feedback on my latest photos in Horizon 3. I appreciate any thoughts and/or tips in advance and welcome anyone else who is relatively new to Forzatography to post their own pics as well! If you find you like some of these feel free to check out my FH3 storefront for more photos to come. And now on with it I suppose…

First up we have the three Evos.

Next are some random pics that I think show some of the diversity and beauty of FH3’s Australia.

Finally, I have taken a lot of shots for the cars themselves, of course, and picked just a few of the ones I liked the most.

Thank you all for stopping by!

Nice shots! My favorite one is shot 4

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Good start. The Hurraayayaya shot is my fav so far

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Lovely shot!

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