Ebisu? Never met you!

I’m going for the Ebisu achievement and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s glitched. I’m pretty sure I’ve done about two dozen yet FH3 has only counted 5 so far. Am I doing something wrong or is this another instance of FH3 being a really fussy schoolteacher when it comes to how it counts skills?

It’s particular.

Ebisu Style is a combination of Great Drift + Great Air.

Google brought up this tutorial video.

Thanks @all. Now I’m going to find out how “great” is defined. The skills system is one of a few flaws in an otherwise awesome game. I feel like I’m back in elementary school playing “Who’s Superhero Can Beat The Other’s” with the most dishonest kid in class. :wink:

“Great” is the second tier of any Skill, which you get by doing the Skill for a longer period of time, or to a greater degree of proficiency (like with Speed where higher speeds give you Ultimates).

The scale is Normal > Great > Awesome > Ultimate.

go to the airport and the drift off the sand dunes!

It’s very particular. You have to drift up to a dune /ramp until you have a “great drift” and then get air born at that exact moment with “great air”. It doesn’t work if you’re going too fast and get way too much air (usually happens to me) and it won’t work if you spin around before or when you land. It’s very picky about the landing angle as well. I can do them a lot better now than I used too but they’re still hard. There’s a good drift tune I have on my Torana that I got quite awhile ago that I use and it’s very Ebisu friendly most of the time. Get a good drift tune and it will help a lot. It seems to for me anyway.

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Always set up a blueprint near the sand dunes with that particular skill so that it has a count on screen for you.

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To chime in, as other said, use the sand dunes, HOWEVER, pick dunes with no foliage. If you hit foliage in between the Great Drift and Great Air, then it throws off the sequence and doesn’t count. At list that is my experience. I’ve found a location in the dunes with little or no foliage and I just drift in a big circle (either clockwise or counter-clockwise) and just maintain speed and drift using an AWD drift tune in a powerful car that has some height for travel in the suspension. Too low a ride or high ride height and you risk a rollover at speed.