E23 front wing ends?

How do I paint the sides of the front wing on the lotus e23?


I don’t paint many F1 type cars but I think they are accessible by moving shapes way to the right or left on either side.

lol you would think that would be the obvious place to place it but I’ve tried that

you actually apply them from the top view

Right, I’ve found the position for the small winglets on the front endplates, but not the whole endplate parts. Winglets are are x -390 y -370 for the left side and x -390 y 0 for the right side. So what are the positions for the whole endplates?!?!

To help anyone else out, the vertical strip aero panels on the front outside edges of the sidepods are on the left and right sides, not the top like the endplates are supposed to be, x -370 y 40 for the middle of the left side panel, x -420 y -105 for the middle of the right side panel.

I haven’t found the ‘barge board’ panels either, the black triangle ish shaped aero panels in front of the side pods, below the mirrors, not sure if these are printable at all though, as they stay black when painting the car.

For the left front it is x-245.00 y380.00