Duplicate cars


  1. I like to see an option to sort my cars by duplicates. Is that possible to implement?

  2. Is possible to relist the cars who dont sell it in Auction?

The Default sorting Sorts cars by Brand, then model. So duplicates would appear next to each other in the garage anyways.

It is much easyer to view only duplicate cars for delete or sell them. How complicate is that to implemment in filters?

Do duplicate cars actually count to the collector level or only unique cars?

Really miss the days of FM4 where you could make your own custom groups of cars.

I think the collector level is the combined ‘points’ of all the cars in your garage. I’m not sure if you went on a deleting spree if your collector status goes down?

I’m selling the duplicates. Especially the Forzathon weekly cars since it seems that I already own them all.