Drivatar designs dont load in Free Play and sometimes in Career

Drivatar designs dont ever load in Free Play (even though I have them selected) and sometimes does not load in Career either…

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I am having the EXACT same problem.
Hope someone can help!

I think that’s often tge case when not enough players have played the track so far.

I have tried many tracks in Free Play (even ones from Career) and still no Car paint jobs load. I noticed the bottom of the screen in the Pre-Game says ‘Retrieving Drivatar Designs’ so I went to the store and came back an hour later - still no designs loaded… I think Its definitely a bug…

I have seen this as well. It is very intermittent but happens around 10% of the time for me. I have the ULTIMATE GOLD version of the game. So far this issue has only happened during ONLINE PRIVATE LOBBIES and during REPLAYS (strange thing is the races were fine to my knowledge and I could see liveries but during the replay all I saw was an ORANGE BONNET and lots of very small different coloured pixels). I do have a REPLAY video of this issue.

I’ve had these problems too. Only few amount of people got it to work