im not trying to make a suggestion but have a question for the players who prefer drifting to racing.

for drifting we have horizon open and drift zones and why these are all fun to do they get a bit repetitive. they offer like 8 routes for the open gets a bit boring. so my question is would you be up for some type of rivals leaderboard for all of the routes(CC we can leave out).

just like the open its a point system and maybe have a rwd/awd leaderboards cause as we all know awd pull more points just cause thats how it is.

if anybody else has any thoughts on this leave a reply and if this gets some traction(pun not intended) ill make a suggestions post to vote on

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So much yes for this

I don’t do Horizon Open but the free roam drift zones that aren’t dirt roads are some of my fav things to do in FH5. I’m pretty happy overall with what’s in the game now, Cara Este is GOATed, though I’m always curious just exactly how I rank against other players who drift in RWD cars, maybe even something like a little icon in the drift zone leaderboards that shows what drivetrain was used would be cool to have, something similar to how we can see what assists other players used in rivals

Froza open hotweels drifting would be cool. We dont have that yet.
More drag racing would be lovely too

im not a big fan of the HW exp but im all for something. maybe that will help with clearing out some of the AWD drift builders

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