DRIFT VIDEO? Give me your Feedback!

Hello Guys. I hope you enjoyed my Forza Horizon 4 Drift Montage Video.
I want to train my cutting Skills and give
you Entertaining Videos in the Future.


What you want to see next in FH4?

CarPorn? Cinematic edit? Drift? Speedart?
Write me in the Comments!

You Can find this Design on my Name FuZeFaM or Title Golden Ticket. The Tuning is also avaiable under Sim Wheel Drift. Important this Tuning is only for the Simulation steering mode.

Some Details about the Project:

  • 30 to 40 hours of Editing/Cutting
  • Over 600 of Recorded drifts and attempts
  • The drift is two take
  • Constant 60 FPS on Maximum Settings

Thank you for Watching see you in the Future!

I will start by saying I enjoyed the video … but
Brutally honest feedback … (and it is only opinion!)

The drone footage for me at the start was too long and the flight path was not smooth.
The venue … I didn’t care for it.
I liked the little stunt off the container at the start but the random drifting and bashing into stuff/though fences looked like someone trying to earn wreckage points.
For me I would have liked to see a tighter venue … like one of the towns … and pull off really tight turns through impossibly narrow gaps without hitting anything , not even kerbs.
You clearly have good editing skills * driving skills & I look forward to your next video :slight_smile:

Check out the first minute of this by Don Joewon Song Earning an Achievement LIKE A BOSS!!! - Forza Horizon 4 - YouTube

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Hey, yes I Understand you . I wanted to create something rough on this playground. The Problem is when you try to make 5 hard Odd Drifts in a row its nearly impossible. And it was not Random, Ive choose the Track on the beginning. The train thing was very Hard. With the tighter venue youre clearly right. I have to train the Smootheness and exacter throttle control.

Thank you so much you helped me much out !

New Carporn is out too. Forza Horizon 4 - CARPORN/WHEELCAM/NISSAN GT-R/RWD/EXHAUST SURPRISE - YouTube

Greetz FuZeFaM

Phew - I am glad I didn’t offend you … I was trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

Well the 40 seconds of a 3 minute video is kinda too much of an intro
Car pron segment is so shaky that you can’t see the actual car properly
The reverse 180 jump was a cool idea but the flick around the lamp post you were miles away from it, and you for some reason decided to show that bit off more by slow motioning it to the max. You have a rewind function, just try again or just don’t show things that are average.
Then you show us the way you drove into the building which was not very eventful, because the angle of drifts was not too big, the speed was not high and all in all looked just like a part of a regular cruise and then a few donuts which are basically your standard thing when you see people online trying to drive an RWD X class car.

Eventually at 1:50, now THAT is good, THAT is what the whole video should’ve been, stuff like this is cool and tricky to pull off, so was the high speed 180 into the gates at 2 minutes (although there was a bit too much filler between those two tricks, the viewer does not need to see how you got there, just edit action to action. Drifting around the poles inside the building was also pretty cool, and the return to the containers could’ve been angled better, but it was a nice one.

I completely understand what kind of a movie maker you want to be, but i’ll just go ahead and tell you to forget the cinematic bit of Forza, the only thing that looks remotely cinematic is the drone mode because you can put your camera anywhere, and then you lack basic things like FOV etc, and you need actors to follow around with them doing tricks, cause your car is stationary. The second type of video might be a better choice, but I’m not sure, there isn’t much to see there except the skyline which everybody can have in the game, you are not doing anything really interesting with it. Make a drift movie with the style of a second video I guess, maybe it will catch on the same way it did for all the racing game youtubers. But yeah, you need to find your style first.

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Thank you for your Feedback. Many Things that you said i can completely understand. But you know that the drift is only recorded in 3 parts. the beginning 1:45 than on 2:47 starts the third part. My Idea was to make an good Looking Drift Video without much cuts. So when you understand that you try to to an 180 degrees after jump through the train, than reverse in building and so on than you dont have a chance to make all stunts in one take. So i dont use any Rewind its turned off and i play on Simulation mode with Steering Wheel. I only cut the beginning so long for the good matching of music.

I can understand many of your fronts. But I think when you want to make more tricks in a row than Ken Block does it, you cant do all tricks perfectly. I dont understand what you meaning with fillers because ill dont used one.

I think abaout your ideas and maybe next Video is much greater. That you understand, i want to produce some Mixxed things. I dont want to show the best skills. I dont want to bore someone so ill do Wheelcam, Carporns, Drift Movies and so on. I hate the Rewind function and for me its worth to lose some Quality on that. Im new at Forza so its very hard to find someone to Record for me some good positions. But that was a GREAT idea from you to give me the Motivation to find some people to create more better Videos.

I thank you that youre Motivating me to do more and in some things you opened my eyes. I was very suprised that you spend so much time to give me your real feedback.

Sorry when my English isnt on Point. I wish you a GREAT day!