Drift and All around Fun vids (Fm4 Vet)

Tought by forza 4 motorsports (with fm4 lol). Now I’m on Horizon these days due to not owning Forza 4 at the moment but on temporary. Ive decide to start uploading Horizon to my channel and I’d like you to check them out. Especially those are seasoned fm4 vets. I really enjoy making videos. The crowd for Forza online videos can be scarce but I do believe that most could learn a little from my guides/builds and definately if you don’t play other forza’s. All I want to do is combine knowledge with the viewwer and entertain the few Luckily ive notice that people drift cars set up drifted in different ways so most of these builds are how to carve your own monster but also giving my version.

Also a co-founder of DriftAddicts car club started by member from the car club Driftworks. we are alo recruiting Fm4 drifters that play Horizon.
I’ve been a real life drifter longer than I have played forza games. I love my Cars but most of all my drift missile-

short list:
1996 240sx se Rb25 swapped stock turbo 10 psi roughly 300hp
on MB Battles Bronze 17"x 9.5 225/45 front 18"x 9.5 rear and many other wheels as spares
Stance gr+Coilovers/ no rear sway bar (not going to suggest this)/ extended tie-rods + modded knuckles/ Kaaz 2way diff
Stock e-brake with a stretched cable… clutch kick all the way!
Mines ecu
Custom Downpipe to the back
z32 maf/ Apexi filter
Isis Intake mani + bigger intercooler

These are only my first uploads. I will get better with editing and start adding commentary like my Black ops 2 Zombie vids that got me partnered and still am. They are not my greatest collections of things. the best stuff is getting saved for last. Thank you for watching!

Channel: DriftAddicts Natedogg Just a few vids

One of the best Drift cars and its never drifted. You will want to watch this video. Such a great drift performing car ( I still have never seen anyone use it for that) MUST SEE
Jump Drift Montage (including a double barrel roll back flip into drift)
Unicorn Mx-5 N/A Rotary drift build (smoothest power band ever, skill required and will help you learn to drift better)http://youtu.be/_9sF5acnMM8