Drift Tuning

So I have played around with Forza from the first one til now, but I didn’t get into drifting much until Forza 4. With Forza 5 being out, and soon to be 6, I thought I should try to teach myself how to tune better for drifting cars. I have searched through countless hours of YouTube videos and internet archives from all over the place but the one I found the most useful was on here at Tuning Guide For Drifting Competitions .

This was a very awesome breakdown that I have found helpful to work for Forza 5. Now as you read the guide, it has a section that breaks things down to a mathematical equation. As soon as I read that, I could hear the hundreds of people who read that section, in fact, die a little inside of the thought of it. Well I did the math for vehicles that have a front weight ratio of 50%-55%. I put it in an excel spreadsheet for making it easier to use while tuning cars at home. While it has worked to make the vehicles more stable, I figured it could do some use on here in case someone wants to start tuning their own vehicles instead of looking at videos or other people’s build. So with that being said, lets go ahead and break some of this down.

Forza 5 Quick Drift Tune Facts

Weight % ------Adjustment-----------Front-------Rear
50%------------Anti-Roll Bar-----------20.5-------20.5
-----------------Rebound Stiffness-------7----------7
-----------------Bump Stiffness-------3.5 - 5.3—3.5 - 5.3

51%------------Anti-Roll Bar-----------20.9-------20.1
-----------------Rebound Stiffness------7.1--------6.9
-----------------Bump Stiffness------3.6 - 5.3—3.5 - 5.2

52%------------Anti-Roll Bar-----------21.3-------19.7
-----------------Rebound Stiffness------7.2--------6.8
-----------------Bump Stiffness------3.6 - 5.4—3.4 - 5.1

53%------------Anti-Roll Bar-----------21.7-------19.3
-----------------Rebound Stiffness------7.4-------6.6
-----------------Bump Stiffness------3.7 - 5.5—3.3 - 5

54%------------Anti-Roll Bar-----------22.1-------18.9
-----------------Rebound Stiffness------7.5-------6.5
-----------------Bump Stiffness------3.8 - 5.6—3.3 - 4.9

55%------------Anti-Roll Bar-----------22.5-------18.6
-----------------Rebound Stiffness------7.6-------6.4
-----------------Bump Stiffness------3.8 - 5.7—3.2 - 4.8

Not that for the Rebound Stiffness, the equation called for a 12 - 1, but in Forza 5 on Race parts it is actually 13 - 1 so the original equation had to be altered. For the Bump Stiffness. the first number is the 50% of the Rebound Stiffness, rounded up or down, and the second number is the 75% mark, so the numbers can be any number between those numbers. Generally you can go from the 75% number and work your way down to the 50% number.

As far as the Camber, Toe, and Caster Angel goes, I generally keep around this set up -

Caster Angle 5.4

This has worked for me and my driving style, but it may not work for you. These should be the only things you mainly have to ideally tune to get your perfect tune. The tires are easy and the original poster of the thread had it down to a pretty close estimate. He had mentioned that the “ideal” PSI for a tire for maximum grip is 32 PSI. When you equate this into your tune, this means that the front tires will be roughly around 28 PSI and your back tires will be around 25 PSI. NOTE This may not be EXACT so you MAY have to change this, depending on how much heat your rear tires are generating in your drift.

I have used the tips from the original post and used these settings for different cars, whether they have 500 HP, or 800+ HP and they have been pretty ideal for the drifting tunes. I hope that someone enjoys this and can take the mathematical stuff and put it into their own file to keep handy around since it’s easier than having to remember all the calculations and can simply plug this in to make tuning a little faster!

P.S. For any other weight ratio, whether it is more weight in the front, a mid or rear engine vehicle, you can use the formula from the original post to get your own settings right!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

I just got an Xbox One and Forza 5 yesterday and first thing I did was tune a car that I use in Forza 4 the same way in Forza 5… guess what!? THAT DIDN’T GO OVER WELL!!! LOL. I spent 4 hours tweaking in all sorts of directions trying to get control of my car, but nothing would work. So I’ll give your info a try.