Drift club recruitment

I’m making a drift club and need members. You have to be an intermediate drifter and able to drift heavy, light, low hp, and high hp cars.

You must also have a mic and be willing to work and talk with other members. This us a cooperative group and we all work together.

The club is called long lost drifters and the club tag is LLD3
We have a club discord the link is Discord
Join that and we will ask questions so we can see your drift skill level and decide if you can be recruited.

If you are beginning drifting join the discord and talk to me and we can work something out or I can help you get better at drifting if that’s what you’re looking for.

Could you please update the discord link to one that doesn’t expire, and if possible could you message it to me? My discord is Zane_Dutchie#2384 im interested in joining

i would also like an invite hoonigundlach#3923 on discord i just sent zane a request on discord