Searching for drift team

Hello there!

So i posted a similar post a while ago about the same thing and i got a club for now but unfortunately its become pretty dead

I wont go and brag how good i am but ill give a general description, pretty much if you have a higher tier club I’ll probably be somewhere in the middle, not the best not the worst.
In a lower tier club I’ll probably one of the more skilled drivers, this isn’t just me talking either this is based on my experiences with different clubs, if you’re wondering what kind of driftin i do so is the answer pretty much everything, i do everything from high hp showcase stuff to low hp tandems and anything in between

What i expect from the crew is it obviously being active and serious and it being well structured with comps every now and then and would be fun if you had like a team leaderboard but these things aren’t too strict, more like guidelines.

If you’re interested in recruiting me DM me on discord or message on xbox or even snapchat but ill be quickest to respond on discord.
Discord: Zane_Dutchie#2318
Snap: cevin.b
Xbox: KenSwe
i most likely wont respond so quickly on here

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I’ll be in in a few. Looking for some upcoming drifters… wheel or remote doesn’t matter… I haven’t been active in a while but I’m starting up again… if you want to cruise around please message me on xbox1 or here…

Bboykrazy84 Xbox GT