DREDoubleyou's tunes

Hey guys, I’ve been tuning in Forza since Forza 4, but only recently decided to try sharing my tunes. They’re mostly D class lightweight handling and acceleration builds. I’m looking to get some feedback and see what they can do in the hands of a better racer than myself.

The first one is a Beetle in D class. It has street tires but can put down power very early in corners, which I’ve found useful for tracks like Long Beach, where acceleration is key.

The next is also D class, it’s a '69 Fairlady Z. This one has great lateral grip for D class, but isn’t as good at putting down power as the Beetle. This one does quite well on Lime Rock, though the Beetle is faster everywhere else I’ve compared them.

I built and tuned the new Holden quickly yesterday, and I’ve got it mostly dialed in, so it’s there to try it, but i haven’t done extensive testing yet, and I may update it soon.

In B class I have a couple cars, these are my go tos in lobbies. The first is a 190e, high downforce and good on handling tracks. I find it very easy to set decent times and it’s competitive online. The second is an Alpine A110, I love driving this car, it’s very quick and can do very well on most tracks, though it struggles on long straights.

All of these can be found by searching for my gamertag, dredoubleyou. Thanks for your time and I’d appreciate any feedback you have.