Downloading Replays

How could I take my saved replays and download them to my Xbox? I know that i can save them to Forza but how would i go about saving them to my Xbox I know i can save the captures that are 30 seconds long but i want to be able to save them to my Xbox so i can put them on my computer and than put them on YouTube. If you can help great if not thanks anyway.

The most you’ll be able to do (in terms of saving to your console and without the use of an external video capture device) is to use the Game DVR feature to record up to 5 minutes of a video at a time. In post, you’ll have to stitch together stints of action lasting longer than 5 minutes. Aside from this, there is no other way to save replay video directly to your console and absolutely no way to save in-game video greater than 5 minutes to your console.

Thanks Shadow, I was wondering about this myself recently.

Can you direct us to any vids that show how to do this. Yes, there’s still many out here that don’t know that much about the whole capture vid thing, or even successfully using the in-game DVR capture.

As several times I’ve tried the double X move only to have weird things happen.

So any direction would be welcomed…


Double tap the xbox button and scroll to game DVR there you will have the option to end clip and record the past 30 sec, 1 min all the way to 5 mins. Or you can just start recording for 5 mins from there as well.

edit: How to Record Gameplay with your Xbox One (Game DVR and Upload Studio Tutorial ) - YouTube

Cheers mate, most appreciated, very helpful.


What I do (or did, because I don’t produce any Forza content anymore) was snap the Game DVR app to the sidebar and switch between windows to be sure you get the video you want without dealing with the double tap cue. Then, be sure you have a little overlap on either end of the recording (10 seconds or so) to help you stitch the videos together during post on your computer. After recording, upload those 5 minute videos to your OneDrive account using the Upload app; then, download to your computer and beginning editing.

Thanks mate, you should make a vid on it as a ‘How-To’ and it’d be downloaded and watched a great deal. Especially if you advertised in on here.

Sounds like you have it all worked out.

Not sure about the sidewindow thing, but I’ll figure it out, eventually. Lol


If you have a Twitch account. you could try live-streaming whatever replay you’ve saved and want to upload, export it to your YouTube account and voilà, job done. You can upload the whole thing to YouTube and it will be there in one video if you’re verified or will be split into 15 minute long videos if you’re not verified. Just note that in the Twitch settings, you’ll need to make sure that an archive setting (can’t remember which one) is ticked or you won’t be able to export it.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: