Download my designs for easy prizes

I will pay or sale rare/expensive cars to anyone who downloads and likes all of my designs.

I have a lot of extra rare cars that I would like to sale for decent money and just need a little more downloads and likes to get my paint level up high enough.

I couldn’t draw a stick figure on there and desperately need your help.

Money or cars for your time and help.

There’s a lot more to the story but you would be helping someone who has been through an absolute terrible last two years and am only still alive by God’s Grace and his guiding the minds and hands of some of the most brilliant surgeons on this Earth.

Please help me get the most out of this wonderful game that helps keep my mind off of the tragedy’s that I have been through.

God bless you all and your family’s!

I download one paintjob if that helps you. No money needed. Compulsion can be a nasty thing.

I greatly appreciate it and will pay anyone that does a lot of them. Even just favoritng them all is worth money to me.

I hear you man. I’ve been trying to make some nice designs when i have time. Though most of the time they end up pretty average at best. Downloaded a few. Probably gonna gram some more at some point soon.

If anyone downloads and favorites them all I’ll give at least 3 million to each person that can prove it.

Please make a Carlist for your “Designs”. I will download all.
But i need a carlist.

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I’m not sure how to do that but I’ll put a couple cars on the auction house and if hit X for advanced and then search for me you can pull up a car and click on my creator hub, favorite me then click on my designs and you can favorite and download them all and I believe you can then delete them and do it again. I’ll pay for both sets.

They don’t need a car list.

Mention one car here, they find your design for that car and then follow you.

They can then go to followed creators and find all your designs.

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That’s what I was trying to explain in the post above. :wink:

Do not be angry with me, but you should try harder on the designs.
Better few good than many bad ones. :wink: I’ve downloaded ca. 10 Designs.
I hope, it will help you to reach the points.

If it would go faster, and the designs are acutally designs and not a paintet car,
I would have clearly downloaded much more.
But since it takes so long to pick a car, find and load your design, then pick another car …

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I’m garbage at real designs and if you favorite me it’s really easy to get them all at once from your creater hub.

I appreciate any help though.

I will send you a video of me downloading and favouriting and in return could you sell my a Lykan hypersport for cheap?


Anyone else want easy money or rare cars for a few minutes of your time?

Favourited about 20 of your designs. I have video of it, just have to upload it somewhere.

I’ll download all of your designs if you have a 812 Superfast.

I don’t have an extra 812 and I haven’t seen anything but a couple partial downloads.

If you download and favorite all my designs I will sale you a rare car, care of your choice or give you credits.

Still offering the same deal.

This ^^^.

@The Blur …

You might want to be cautious in promoting this type of activity. I know for a fact that the devs have temporarily banned some people for ‘arranging’ ways of getting increased downloads of designs among their friends. Not sure if ‘buying’ downloads as you propose would qualify as something the devs would look at or not … but it sounds fishy enough to me that you might want to be careful with it.

Just a little heads up.