Done all Challenges but one and < 80% completed

I’ve done all challenges but Waldgeschen and have 76% completed…
Why? Should be >80%…

Which ones are you missing? If you had all the challenges done as you say, you should have 97% right now. Each daily counts for 1% and there are still 3 left (4 including today). The monthly adventure and rival challenges also count for quite a bit towards completion (but you have all four weeks to finish them).


How about posting a screen shot showing everything completed

How can I post pics?
I now have everything completed and 85%…
Ticket submitted.

insert pic url here

Pic url = my Desktop…

Lotsa free hosting sites.

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Most common thing is that people don’t do the Ranked stuff - that counts for 18% across the entire series.

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They also forget rivals which counts for the entire series as well

I have done everything, including Rivals and Online…

Is everything gold

Again …how about post a screen shot