Dom's Charger Xbox Video Offer

Yeah. That is correct. (Round tail lights on the '68 I mean.)

Dom’s charger has long tail lights hmm…

I don’t follow the movies, so I don’t know the history of the car. But from a quick google search, I do see traits that seem to come from different model years, including cars that appear to also have the square side marker lights of the '69, and some that appear to have the round side markers of the '68. Yet other photos don’t seem to have side markers at all.

Just off-hand, that would lead me to think that there’s some swapping of parts going on. The same thing used to happen with the '69 chargers of Dukes of Hazard fame. A sharp eye could sometimes spot a '68 being used, with the '69’s taillights fitted, but retaining the round side markers of a '68. A simple case of necessity, in a day where making such a show often involved destroying a lot of used cars, and rebuilding “new” ones from whatever parts they could.


Sources I am looking at list his car has a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. Given that I will say for sure that I have absolutely no idea what year car/chassis/parts may or may not have been used in any given movie, but the “official” year is supposed to be a 1970: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T | The Fast and the Furious Wiki | Fandom

so much assumption, so I’ll add mine, did it cross anyones minds that this special charger is just a special movie theme decoration layed over the car like the 10th anniversary car pack is? I am pretty sure that is all it will be.

Man don’t say that lol. I hope it’s the same car from FH2 and not a re-skin.

From the photo Manteo posted ( Thanks Manteo! ) it says “Exclusive offer” and shows what really does look like Dom’s Charger as it was in the F&F pack from Horizon 2. I did mention at some point in my long posts where I quote a million things like I’ve just done:

The ad itself is odd since it could mean anything right now. A new livery on the car? The actual car as it was in FH2? Will it be limited edition and gone forever ( Which the terms and conditions seem to be inferring ) or will it be back again in the future or included in the F&F pack? The speculation on the F&F pack is my fault since I mentioned that the F&F pack to my understanding would not be including the ( to my understanding ) most famous car and will be included instead as a stand-alone offer.

All I see on the Forza Hub for the F&F Car Pack is the same language as on the Store: “featuring cars from the legendary Fast & Furious film franchise.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that the car list is going to be the same as the FH2 F&F Car Pack list.

From March, a behind the scenes video with the Fast & Furious car wrangler Dennis McCarthy:

Very true, but to me and the way I’ve followed forza I’m guessing it’s the same cars from FH2 which is not a bad thing.

Edit: let’s have some faith Manteo lol!

The promo image looks like it comes from an in-game photo:

would be a hilarious troll if they gave us Brian’s Chrysler Town & Country from the start of the movie. xD

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Hey man I’ll still race with a minivan lol

could just simply be a code for the one car from the pack

I really hope they keep the cars from the FH2 ‘Fast’ pack to a minimum in the FM6 one. The partnership between Universal and Turn10 has been going on quite a while now from what I believe, so I think they’ve had plenty of time to recreate new cars from all the other movies. The wording suggests (to me) that there will be at least ONE car from each film, and to be honest that’s the least we can expect considering they’ve claimed that each car pack will contain 7 cars and magically there’s 7 Fast and Furious films.

But with the FH2 Fast and furious pack we got more cars than the standard DLC packs, so I don’t know really, I just hope it’s not a let down. I’d love to see some of those riced out tuners, the Eclipse from Fast 1 and the Eclipse from 2 Fast sounded amazing, but the film editors could’ve used sounds from another cars engine. I don’t think they did though. Out of all the cars from the Fast and Furious expansion. I’d like only the Supra to make it into FM6…WITH THE SAME POWER OUTPUT AS FH2!

I’m pretty sure it’s the same F&F cars from the car pack they gave us in FH2 but we will have to wait till September 10th to know.

If they have the same power output, Brian supra is going to be insane going up against the Bugatti lol

If it is the same cars from the FH2 Fast 7 pack then I’ll pass, I don’t fancy paying for the same cars twice. Which is another reason why I don’t think it will be, there may be one or two from the FH2 pack though.

These cars are totally free with the ultimate edition. I don’t see the issue

If you buy a digital copy of the Ultimate Edition or the Deluxe Edition you get the pack anyways. Though I have noticed the wording has cahnged from “the Fast and furious car pack” to “The First Forza Motorsport DLC Car Pack (available on launch day)”

If you scroll down a bit they still mention the First DLC is the F&F car pack.

For me, Dom’s Charger would be a “nice to have” in FM6. It would be a challenging car to race around the Ring or blast down the Mulsanne, but based on the information at hand I’m not going to go out of my way to purchase F7 if it’s not part of the F&F car pack. It would be nice to know what’s actually in the F&F car pack so we have better idea of what’s going on.

Dim? Is that Dom’s brother? Sarcasm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But that car is sick how could you not go out of your way? lol


Because I can always fire up Forza Horizon 2 and take it for a spin. :slight_smile: