Dodge Dakota 1997-2004

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Dodge Dakota 1997-2004

I owned a 2001 Dakota R/T extended cab….I would FLIP if I saw one of these in game. Silver with an infinity sound system + a whole lot of extras.



2002 Dakota R/T Regular Cab. Black. That is what I want to see in Forza 5 or some game.




Dakota R/T would be a great addition!


98-02 Dakota r/t single cab or extended cab. And of course make the option available to hellcat swap it!


I would love to see a single cab 97’-04’ dakota with the five speed and all the engine options for those years

My project truck 2001 dodge dakota base model 4.7l v8 5speed standard

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I absolutely hate pickups. But if I ever were to need one, this is what I’d get. Low-slung and with rally-inspired styling.

for the love of god sport trucks. all sport trucks I will blow\eat out everyone at yall’s company if you add sport trucks and race suspension\tires to all trucks. I mean like sloppy nasty with cool whip or hot sauce.

I’d love to see a second gen Dakota. It is such a slept on truck and it deserves more attention

Ive had just about every dodge and the dakota was one of my favorite then i got a dakota rt with the 5.9L and holy cow before i touched the thing it was already flying, fast foward two years and i had done everything i wanted to do to it except supercharge it (cause it wouldve had to been special made) needless to say it outran alot for it being N/A. Please forza add the dakota rt or just a single cab dakota.