Disclose your design here!

Hi, I made this topic for the community to post their designs, this topic was made by no moderators, just to find a possible good design
Posting rules: 1- no spam please, 2- place the sharing code, 3 (optional)- send up to 6 photos of the design below the sharing code 4- no offensive designs or anything like that. 5- put the car name next to the design name, here below I will send an example! An example


Design name- My design. Car name- apollo ie
sharing code- 123 456 789

Photo 1 Photo 2

Hi, still fairly new here (12 weeks), but have created many designs. Would like to show a few of my favorites.
So where/how do I find the code you mentioned, and also, where is the best place to take photos of a design. Is there some where to go to be able to rotate them on a nice angle to easily show the best features?

You have a camera in the game that can rotate your car to any angle. On XBox One you press UP on D-Pad. Now you can spin the car, and go up high to look down on the car.

Hi, the sharing code goes below the name, and the way to share the photo is complicated, you create a link on twitter or by a tool and such, so I put it as an option.

Your quick reply is much appreciated tunado. However, it appears to me you misunderstood both my questions. I would appreciate it if you would reread them carefully and respond accordingly.
Thanks in advance for your future clarification … CN.

Hello, the code I said, is the sharing code, it is found when you go to the design click on it and, in the bottom central corner it will be * show sharing code * and there will be the key / button that does show the code, and the best angles are the front, the rear and the two sides that will show the maximum content of your design.

I’ll put one out there. I’ve been playing for years, and really not all that great at liveries (but make a lot because I like to track the cars I like with a livery). Just recently upgraded my work PC with windows 10 and decided to try making a race livery for those contests to boost my downloads. Sadly, the regular contests seems to have gone away and they started a new monthly one with a theme (usually they had one for race and one for fantasy every two weeks). Won the fantasy contest on FM7 twice, but could never design a logo on the console for a race livery because it took forever to make a logo. Man, it is so much easier on the PC. Was able to make a bunch of logos in a matter of hours (all of them on the car are created). Anyway, here is my FCPEuro VW race livery. (They’re an on-line Euro parts store I use for my classic Saab & BMW that’s fairly local to me. No affiliation, but they have a nice Cars & Coffee and great facility with their cars in the shop there for you to check out).

FCPEuro VW - 2014 Golf R
Share Code: 180 257 427

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in the next few days i will be sending some designs

I totally understand what you say, after playing on the console and it took me 2h to create an xbox series x without concerts, and I still have to do the concerts to improve it

So much easier on the PC. Started painting this on the console last night because I like the car (used it for a forzathon event and easily won). Spent 20 mins on trying to get one of the curves right. Gave up and finished it on the PC this afternoon in an hour (not fantastic, but I kind of like it and much better than some of the stuff I put together on the console). Was never able to outline things on the console, fairly easily done on the PC.

Red and Blue - 2017 Aston Marin Vanquish Zagato Coupe
Share Code - 765 930 709

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Design name-Hypersport.
Car name- bugatti Eb 110.
Sharing code- 146 452 181
Google Photos
Google Photos
Google Photos

above are the links to view the photos, since I don’t use Flickr

Playing on my PC a bit more with a new Starship Enterprise. I did one on the Xbox, but it was just a front view and mostly straight lines and circles. Was able to get a nice angle and more detail on the PC. May work on a bit more detail (both the ship and planets) and put it on other cars.

1997 Land Rover Defender 90 - Star Trek Rover
Share Code - 631 750 083

How do you get the graphics into the game and on to the vehicles? I am a retired Graphic Designer and have hundreds of original characters and design items available to put on vehicles, but have no idea how to do that in Forza H4’s Designer.

You have to build all of the images from shapes… takes ages. You can’t load images. There are stickies at the top of the page for ideas on how to make shape designing easier.

Here’s a W.I.P with guide I made ages ago…


As it says in the sticky on the first page, you can’t upload an image and never will (they say it about 30 times). Getting used to the designer takes some time and is also much easier on the PC. I’ve been putting together designs for years on the console (although not very good) but finally installed FH4 on my PC and started designing there. It is so much easier and faster but still takes a long time to get something nice. You have limited shapes and start to learn some tricks. I use something called sketch designer that allows you to put up a transparent image on the screen. I did the basic shape with a pic I found and added everything else by myself. This took me a good couple of hours (but that could be because I am not that good at it), and it can probably use another few hours of work. If you look at those thin circle lines on top, they are actually a dark oval that is slightly larger with a white over over it (had to do a bunch of those). The windows are just dark shape under light shape as well (just noticed 6 extra windows that shouldn’t be there on the left. Some sort of bug because they are not on the other side). You can probably also make perfect window shapes with a bunch of small lines, but you are limited to 3000 layers so too many of those and you are stuck. The orange parts are just assorted shapes on top of each other with different shades and transparence. The numbers and letters are just numbers and letter, so they don’t look great. That is part of the part that needs work. I should actually make the words with lines to give them some perspective. But making those Cs could be a challenge. You could spend hours and hours on things, and if you look at some of those designs out there, people probably spend days. But you do get better and learn how to achieve something quicker with experimentation and practice.

hi, we usually spend hours and days to create these designs, but that i can’t explain

Thanks for the detailed info VR84. One other question, if you don’t mind. Is there a way to save the designs (say …select?merge? {specific) all/combine/save) you have created to use them again on other vehicles? Pretty well standard features in even free or inexpensive Graphics Programs.
Cheers, CN999

Yes. You can either just create a vinyl group and then add it to the car, or design it on the car and save it to you vinyl groups. The Enterprise, star trek logo, text and planets are just saved groups that I can add to any car (when I like a car I paint it, so I have a lot of the same designs on different cars). When you paint a car, you can only use that paint on that car. For the FCPEuro car, I created a bunch of logos and saved them to my vinyl groups. Then added them to the car (and now can add them to any car).

Here’s my first livery.
Heavily inspired from the Black Falcon #4 Promare Mercedes-AMG.
Sorry for the horrible photos lol. I’m not very good with the photo mode in game.