I am debating with a few folks from a previous thread over the effect of differential settings.
In my experience, and even according to the description in the game when tuning the differential - lowering the Decel setting can reduce lift-throttle over steer in RWD and AWD cars.
However, some seem to believe that increasing this setting reduces lift-throttle over steer - which is not the case as far as I can tell.
In either scenario, increasing differential settings (moving slider to the right), increases over steer, and moving the slider value to the left (lowering it), decreases over steer.
More accel diff setting = more over steer while accelerating through turns
More decel diff setting = more over steer when lifting off the gas and/or downshifting quickly while entering a turn

I disagree.
Increase decel. reduces lift-throttle oversteer.
Best place to tune this is in any esses, such as the first part of COTA or the downhill at Bathurst.
Any time you start chucking the car from side to side and the back end doesn’t stay under you, increase the decel.

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You mean for RWD? What about for AWD?

Should be true for any drivetrain, a LOCKED axle RESISTS turning, it wants to continue in a straight line.

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Downhill at Bathurst for sure. That track will show you problems in your tune you didnt realize you had

I agree with foot.

Higher decel = less lift off oversteer
lower decel = more lift off oversteer.

To continue on what foot said in post #2 try this in a mid engine car and you will notice the difference even more.

Take the ferrari gt car which has an adjustable diff by default and go to min settings and max settings and just go coast and then turn and see what happens.

+1, Both gtFOOTw and PTG Baby Cow hit it on the mark. The mid-engine example is a great way to check this out…I had to hit myself on the head (and the Bathurst walls many times) to figure this out…lol…


O.k gents, thanks for your inputs - I stand corrected then.
So basically, the text in the game is wrong?
It states clearly that lower decel can reduce lift-off over steer…
Pretty major oversight I gather on the part of T10?
Seems the descriptive text has been almost identical through every iteration of Forza if I am not mistaken.
We all agree that high accel settings will increase over steer on corner exit/acceleration - yes?

correct, higher accel = more throttle on oversteer.

I Agree and disagree to extent on both. Here is how I see it

on throttle
Not enough acceleration lock = You get either one tire fires if you have enough grip on the outside rear tire the car remains neutral, if not you get oversteer
Too much acceleration lock = You either get understeer as the rear axle resits turning, or it loses grip completely causing snap oversteer

off throttle
Not enough deceleration lock = other rear tire “locks” under turning, if you have enough grip on the outside rear tire the car remains neutral, if not you get oversteer
Too much deceleration lock = You either get understeer as the rear axle resits turning, or it loses grip completely causing snap oversteer

in other words
Not enough the result depends on your suspension setup, weight balance, and overall grip, or should I say front/rear grip ratio
Too much, either huge understeer, or drift car. Then again, many drift cars are set to understeer reasonably much, and drift comes from weight management, handbrake use, and overpowering the rear tires.

all of this non sense is going to confuse people. diffs in forza are simple.

to lower throttle on oversteer lower accel

to lower throttle off oversteer raise decel

its that simple

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I think tuning the diff can never be a direct fix to a tuning problem. It just helps

dont think because you are wrong. many of the cars in forza have deceleration problems caused by the diff and diff only. it is all over the forza 6 forums if you took the time to look. many are plagued by this lift off oversteer problem. raising the decel eliminates it completely. no adjustment to bars, springs, dampers, etc will eliminate it other than raising the decel on the diff.

enjoy your day

@ SM0K0ZUNA - thanks for your responses. I had reacted to one of your comments a little harshly on a previous thread (now locked) regarding this very topic.
I was wrong in my reply, and the tone with which I remarked at it.

All of the feedback from everyone is also appreciated.
This will definitely change the way I attack my tunes…and hopefully save me a few seconds of lap time(s) along the way!

i apologize for being curt as well.

Ive recently started use the diff more in tuning and my personal findings were that lower the decel setting made for more understeer entering a corner. One specific example was my viper gts-r and at low speeds with a 50/20 diff setting it felt as though the rear of the car had very little grip at low speeds but i reduced the decel down to 10 and the problem was instantly fixed.

That’s odd and against what it “should” do. I guess the best way to test this is to set the Decel at 0 and run it for a few laps, then set it at 100 and note which end of the scale gives more over/understeer off-throttle.

On a side-note the Accel setting is working as intended; a lower setting causes the inside tyre to spin up more and a higher setting causes the outside to spin more. For me the sweet spot (where both drive wheels are rotating at the same speed) seems to be around 75% on most RWD cars.

I do odd things in my tuning a lot. Lol. Sometimes the odd adjustment just works. Try the same thing on the next car and you’re junk. Probably just my unorthodox way I go about it. But, it works for me…sometimes

fixed meaning the car rotated better or fixed as in the car didnt rotate as quickly. Also remember decel is only off throttle or under braking if you are still on throttle throughout any point in this lowering the decel does nothing.

I think people are getting confused between the Anti-Roll-Bars (ARBs) and the Differential Deceleration (Diff Decel)!

Just for clarification to those getting confused, the ARB’s generally control OFF power LOW speed corners
The Diff Decel controls OFF power Mid - High speed corners and TRANSITION stability


Hopefully this will help those getting confused