Didnt Get VIP Super Wheelspins This Week

As topic says.

This game has so many bugs.

AI that goes spastic when you play online with friends
Constant disconnnects
Having to manually tell the game to play online after races

And now Im not getting the rewards that I paid money for!


Didnt get mine either
Must have left the work experience kid in charge of pressing that button


Try shutting down, unplugging, and booting up again.

If that doesn’t work file a ticket at the Support link.


Didn’t get mine, either, and shutting down, unplugging, and booting up again didn’t help. So, it’s an issue.

Didn’t get mine eather amd i reinstalled everything. A ticket i send a week ago is still pending so no more tickets.

Got mine on PC, saw I had message and it said been rewarded two spins, so I went to spins and there they were.

For the VIP weekly spins, I didn’t get mine last week until Tuesday so worth waiting a few more days. I think they’re a different set of triggers to the forza rewards so arrive at different times?

no idea when they suppose to be delivered to vip, maybe with the rewards reset from forza hub?

Mine showed up Friday evening, sometime before 8pm Pacific.

For those not receiving them, is this the only VIP benefit you’re not getting, or are all VIP benefits unavailable? Can you access the Ford Supersportvan FE for example? Is the Lake Lodge house still showing as owned or available to buy for free?

Its the only VIP benefit Im not getting. Everything else is there.

My brother received has his already and Im still waiting.

beside the weekly 2x super wheelspins everythings is working as normal.

Same. Everything else is fine.

I tried the power cycle thing but it didn’t work.

Mine just showed up two hours ago, so there doesn’t seem to be consistency to when they’re being sent.

I did a full power cycle of my console and i have now received my 2 weekly superspins

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Still didn’t recieve my spins either. I haven’t recieved any over the past weeks the game has been out.

A second reset did it. I counted up to 10 SLOWLY this time after disconnecting the power.

A full power reset takes almost 15 seconds or so. You can’t take the cable out and immediately put it back in to do the full cycle.

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Seriously?! We have to reset for 2 super wheelspins? That’s just dumb. Shouldn’t have to do that.

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shouldn’t have to and not everyone needs to but when there’s an issue it’s one of the easiest things to try to get it working correctly again

people should be doing a proper powercycle of their console about once a week anyway, been that way since the xbox one was originally released in 2013

That’s utter rubbish. You’re telling people incorrect information.

I’ve owned all versions of the Xbox One console and not once have I ever done the power reset.