Didnt Get VIP Super Wheelspins This Week

Utter rubbish, lol. Every computerized device is prone to brain farts which requires a restart. PC, phones, consoles, av receivers etc. It’s far from utter rubbish.

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Do not take things out of context.

Telling people to do the power reset on their Xbox once a week is false information and complete nonsense. Restarting a device is different to doing a reset of some kind.

How hard is it to go into the xbox system settings and press restart console. Which power cycles it btw
It Doesnt take long either …about 1 minute…and it doesnt hurt

Just so you know i do it at least once a week and never have all the problems that alot of people on here seem to
I used to pull the power cable as well until they added that option

But i guess its easier to just come in here and complain first before trying any BASIC troubleshooting

Turning the console on and off pretty much does nothing if you have it set to always on as most people do

Im guessing you are another one that has connection issues but wont bother to restart your modem

I honestly didn’t know that was a thing. I’ll try to remember to do that.

Of course we shouldn’t have to reboot every time we want to collect scheduled rewards. But the point is that submitting a ticket at the Support link will get the attention of the developers far better than criticism here. And rebooting may at least help some get their rewards in advance of a fix.


pity is that there is no German support. my life is bad. After the update, 4 million have disappeared with me. after each PVP no longer run Onlein. no Forza skills radio. Jumps with the Lamborghini Aventador (Forza Edition) possible can only jump 2 meters. end no Wheelspins . :frowning:

mit google translate …

Finally got them but now my car pass is unistalled anyone else?

Mine has never been installed

Do you still have access to your car pass cars

Was before the update patch for the Goliath

If you leave your console on continuously even in standby all your doing is wasting power, switch stuff off when not in use.
No point whatsoever leaving stuff powered when not using it, my PC, TV etc gets powered down when finished using it.

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I received my two VIP super spins today when logging in, same time as I did last week, seems to be that different people receive their spins on different days, maybe to do with when people bought the game? Just a thought

Nothing this week, even after 2 restarts/resets. What the heck is going on over there?

No VIP Super Wheelspin… Again

Why are my VIP Wheelspins not showing up? This version of VIP is the most gutted yet (you guys seem to make it worse and worse each game) but I still payed for it and I am not getting my rewards for doing so.

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