Desperate for HELP!

I have posted prior regarding a bug im experiencing. My Forza Motorsport is in such a unstable state.

Everytime i try to paint my car i get stuck on an ifinite saving screen. In order to get the game out of this screen i must reset the game and the paint job is not saved. Once i reset my game and i try to get past the title screen my game crashs over and over again. Its not until i go into manage FM and delete my reserved space that i can then get past the title screen.

When i do eventually load back into the game my menu screen with all the options and carvista is a bland greenish teal color. This background color follows me around into everything i do regarding menus. Its ugly, its a bug and im sick of looking at it all the time.

I have redownloaded multiple times to no avail, i have made a ticket which got an insesnitive response and then ghosted and this is now my 2nd post regarding the situation im dealing with. I have 10+ years exp with Forza, I have roughly 850 hours into this Motorsport and im at my wits end. Im so dissapointed in regards to the help i havent recieved and im hopeful the team can resolve my issues.

Twitch stream including my issues:

Could you check the troubleshooting from this article and see if any of the steps help your issue.

Please also submit a ticket using the link at the bottom of that page.