Design sharing "problem/conflict"


First of all, since this is my first post, allow me to say thanks for such a magnificent game. I don’t normally play many racing games (not since NFS World, sorry T10 and MS! :slight_smile: but I have to say that I pre-ordered this one. I haven’t regretted it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

But to the point. I happen to fancy the art of casually designing liveries and sharing them once in a while. But I found out about a glitch/conflict in the construction of the sharing feature in FH4:

I shared some designs. Then I wanted to check out my own design in the “Find new designs”/“Search”-function where you look at peoples liveries and download the ones you like. But then I accidentally downloaded my own design (which is a bit too easily done IMO and I wish it was possible to preview the designs fully before downloading). After downloading/applying, I looked in “My designs” and found out there were now two of the same design: The first one which I already shared and then the same one again after I downloaded it! So I decided I didn’t want two of the same design in “My designs” and therefore deleted one of them. But when I did that, it resulted in my design getting “Unshared” completely (including the first one), potentially losing likes and ratings on that design. So, because I deleted the “copy”, the first one got unshared too and I had to share it again (or maybe it was actually the one I just downloaded I shared again which doesn’t matter because they are identical). The downloaded version isn’t locked, I guess that’s because I created it.

The same happens if I look in the “Creative Hub” and then accidentally press “Download”/“Apply”. I get a new copy next to the other one and they are both “Shared”. If I delete one of them the entire design gets “Unshared”.

I hope you will be able to understand that complicated block of text :slight_smile:

(System: Xbox One)