Deletion of forza 6

hello, could you please tell me how to delete forza 6 and start the game as it was from new, the first time I played it?
I have tried uninstalling it but when I re-install it, it takes me back to where I left off!!!
this was done by disc not from download.
all I want to do is play the game again from the start with no ticks on all sections.
many many thanks. email address is [Mod Edit - D]

you will have to delete the cloud save file which you should be able to find in the game management area if you hit the start button on the forza 6 tab.

Don’t forgot to add its all the way to the right.

Same as any other XB1 game …

thanks to all, I will try that

Remember, your account owns any DLC you have purchased, however, you will NOT be gifted any cars you may have won in contests or received as a VIP. Turn 10 does not resend those.

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How do you do this if you’re playing the game on a PC and not XBOX?

You ask your question in the proper Apex forum. This forum is for FM6 on Xbox One.