Decals and Vinyls import from previous games

I want to make vinyls for FH4 from now. But i’m wondering FH4 can bring decals and vinyls from previous series. Have any information about this?

You will be able to import designs and vinyl groups from FM5, FH2, FM6, FH3, and FM7 into Forza Horizon 4. Not all manufacturer decals are consistent across all games, so sometimes those won’t come with your imported content.


i would really like to see an export option ie try the new editor in FH4 but the ability to export back to FH3 or my home turf so to speak

Has this ever been confirmed? I’ve had two kids from the time I used to do dozens of paints in FH1 and FM4. I wouldn’t mind bouncing old decals like 100+ layer ‘Jagermeister’ and ‘coca cola’ logos to FH2 then to FH4. The hundreds of hours spent 3-4 years ago that I don’t have these days dissuade me from doing any custom stuff in FH4, especially the tedious process of building logos.

I did get FH2 years ago but never really played it, and not being able to bring my full-house fanatic setup from 360-Xbone stopped me from updating.

Now I’m back with FM7(which I hate) and FH4(which I love).

If there’s a way to bring old stuff from FH2/FM4 I would love to know, even if I have to buy another ‘interim’ version of forza cheap to bounce them here, or did the crossover to xbone end it completely? I know it did for my $1000 360 driving setup, now I’m back on the controller…

Unfortunately, no. i’ve been experimenting with these features a bit lately, and as far as I can tell, the ability to import from previous games began in FM6, and only works for FM5, FH2, and later games. So you can’t import from older XBox 360 games.

You also can’t (currently) go backwards, as vanninman suggested. Transfer between FH2 and FM5 is also not possible.

The only work around I’ve figured, though I haven’t fully tested it yet, and it will probably be tedious, is to record a video of all the position values of each vinyl one by one, and manually recreate them in one of the earlier titles where transfer is possible.

This method of recreating vinyl groups I can guarantee you will take more work, more time and more frustration than just creating the same vinyl groups over again from scratch. There are 10 data points that you’d need to capture FOR EVERY SINGLE VINYL SHAPE used in order to try this. So think about capturing 10 times the number of shapes used worth of data and then having to reselect, reposition and reshape every single layer one at a time. And as you all likely know, more complex layer groups can have hundreds and hundreds of layers … so that’s capturing several thousand data points and manually entering them.

You’re not kidding. I said it would be tedious. Luckily, since I came late to the series, I only have a couple of simple vinyl groups that I want to recreate in earlier titles so that they’re available in later games, and none on any of the XB360 titles. I didn’t change the opacity or customize the colour very much on most of them, so it’ll be tedious, but it won’t be that bad.

But yes, somebody unlucky enough to have a massive elaborate vinyl group or livery in FH1 or FM4, might have a hard choice to make.

You’d be better off finding a way to screenshot your old vinyl, then using a Transparency app and Game Streaming to Windows 10 in order to retrace that in a modern title.

I guess stuff like this will be lost to history

All the dirt were PAINTED on these…

or this kind of stuff, out of hundreds of variations, including a dozen classic 934 race cars

The jeep and the car below it might not be too hard to recreate (though those rising sun flags might cause you some trouble with the auto-admin.)

The rest look pretty elaborate. Possible to recreate, maybe, but beyond my skill.

Actually the H1 ‘weathering’ is almost at the layer cap on each side, far more layers then the apple car(and that car has all custom logos) it has multi color paint chips, faded paint surfaces, hand prints, water spots, dust, etc . If the rising sun logos bothers anyone for some reason it would keep you from doing any Liberty Walk car properly.

I see what you mean. I didn’t notice the fine detailing before. Wow.