Deadlights event videos

3 lap sunset

5 lap sunset

7 lap sunset

9/14/14 trucks at motegi 7 lap highlights

9/14/14 buicks main 7 laps at infineon

9/28/14 GMC trucks at nurgurgring slips & flips

10/12/14 Buicks at Benchmark

10/12/14 Trucks at Maple Valley Halloween episode

11/16/14 highlights from all races

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great vid 5th wheel!

I like it. Except the part where I took out two guys.

Cool video! There was alot of good racing that day. Cant wait for the grand nationals.

5 lap video added.

lost xbox live that night. last lap first race.

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nice job 5th wheel btw I still owe you cr and cars pm me with your coices

9/14/14 trucks motegi 7lap highlight video added to top post

good stuff 5th Wheel - I enjoyed watching these! Thanks!!!

very cool video love the slow motion shots and the stills pity my paint didn’t load

Awsome Video 5th always impressed by your work

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9/14/14 buicks main 7 laps at infineon

What a race! Great vid 5th, love it!

9/28/14 GMC trucks at nurgurgring slips & flips added to top post

Trucks Slips & Flips

Awesome video 5thWheel, stinks the paints didn’t load.

Couldn’t you have gone by who flipped first though…wait…never mind, that was me too. :slight_smile:

Awesome Video of the slips and flips at Nurburgring. I think I was lucky enough to not get much camera time!

Oh boy is that video telling! Great idea to split the culprits up, especially as paints didn’t load… yeah i figured it was that guy, he’s the one officer, etc,etc. :smiley:

Looks like a slipping good time!
Great production Mr.5th!

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trucks trick or treating at maple valley on top post