Danger sign leaderboards

I love the demo , I have had every forza game except horizon 3 and fm7 , seriously thinking of getting fh4 . Been doing some of the danger signs , is Ambleside edge highest jump a legit 500+ or is thi a glitch ? I can only get 200+ , if it’s glitched I hope it gets fixed befor release.

Might need the mighty Ariel Normad upgraded to S2 for that pal, your car isn’t powerful / tuned enough to make the jump x

It’s doable, I did it in the Subaru. I haven’t done the 1200’ jump, only hit 1185 upgrading mcclaren to x999, stock best I could do was 1139.

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I was able to get into the 1180’s with the stock Senna(wasn’t aware I even COULD upgrade it) by starting my run from the far end of the speed zone on the same road(yes, ‘zone’, not ‘trap’, so a ways out…), but when I tried to better that using a Forza feature that’s been with us since Motorsport 3, something went horribly wrong…

I made a thread about it…

The Ambleside jump needs a bit of a run at it from the road, but I also found that you can get a ton of speed if you’re able come down from the nearby hill. It’s not easy due to trees and uneven terrain but the extra boost in speed it gives you may be better than getting a run at it from the tarmac. I was doing it with the Subaru as well at the time and I recall hitting the 500m+ with ease.

When going from end of street race to 2nd dirt race and it’s offered, just go to jump first. I just did it in the cosworth, 827’

How on earth are people managing to get well over 400m for the jump in the first stunt driver story scene? I’m down in the low 300s along with people on my friends list such as Mechberg. I can’t see any way to take a longer run at it because the road is blocked off. I’m obviously lacking the necessary lateral thinking ability, but I just can’t see any way to get anywhere near the top leaderboard distances?

just before the last left before the jump turn right and head way back into the fields and try to just skim the metal fence on the corner and jump onto the road without losing any speed by rewinding til u get it. i hit the jump at 199mph and managed 1367ft

The thing I’m suspicious about is the guys hitting 3000+ on the windmill in the senna.

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I played the demo, got to the windmill checked the leader board and I got 1107 ft i was like sweet, then looked and the record is 4000 ft. How in the world is that possible, is it that big of a glitch. Or a case of massive cheating. Has anyone looked in to it


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