Dallara IndyCar 2012-current DW12

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Dallara DW12 IndyCar 2012-current


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Was thinking of a 2018 Dallara IR18 or 2012-present Dallara DW12, it would make for an awesome extreme track toy. 2012 aero road kit pictured below.

By Valder137 - Dallara-Chevrolet_DW12_Carpenter-Fuzzys_Racing_Ed_Carpenter_LSideRear_SPGP_24March2012, CC BY 2.0, File:Dallara-Chevrolet DW12 Carpenter-Fuzzys Racing Ed Carpenter LSideRear SPGP 24March2012 (14699419692).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Given the nature of Forza Horizon, it would not be all that ideal to use the Speedway Aero Kit, but maybe for Forza Motorsport? pictured below:

By Zach Catanzareti Photo - josef newgarden takuma sato, CC BY 2.0, File:Dallara DW12 UAK-18 with aeroscreen (cropped).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The IR-18 is a universal aero kit made in 2018, and pictured below with protective aeroscreen

By Doctorindy - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, File:Max-Chilton-2020-HarvestGP.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


Indycar 2019-2023

Hope now that licence is free for all again, hopefuly indycar can return to Forza

It looks that it is indeed free again
At least the new licencing agreement announced today, the word exclusive is absent so it seems that there has a glimpse of hope