Daily auction$

Every day I do 15 exclusive tune auctions and 10 rare car auctions.

Today it’s (5) Toyota Celica '03 and (5) Toyota AT-37 Land Cruisers.

Going live @ 1:15am EST, that’s 15 minutes from now.

  • GEI$T

I hope you don’t overprice them.

20 mil is the going rate for anything I touch, usually.

but at least once a week I do no-reserve auctions, I did it with 25 Aventador J’s a few weeks ago, and a lot of people only ended up paying 1-5 mil credits.

I also give a lot of cars away. I’m constanly trying to stay under a billion credits. I’m not trying to overprice anything, but here’s the problem:

if I sell a 20 mil car for 10 mil, I will see it listed for 20 mil ten seconds later. I’d rather give it away than help the scalpers.

  • GEI$T

I generally try to undercut the lowest buyout price for a quick sale, usually when I get a duplicate that I don’t have the option to sell quickly like you can with most of the wheelspin cars.

that’s exactly the strategy I would suggest to people who need to make money. also follow the Forza monthly Livestream and dump whatever upcoming prize cars they reveal.