Daihatsu Hijet 1986-1994 (S80/S81/S82/S83)

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Daihatsu Hijet (Seventh Generation)

This topic includes the van version called the Daihatsu Atrai.

This topic does not include the Piaggio Porter or Daihatsu Zebra derivatives.

This model was also built in South Korea as the Kia Towner.


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Which type do you prefer?

  • Domestic (Japan)
  • Export
  • Kia Towner (South Korea)
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Which body style do you prefer?

  • Single Cab Pick-up
  • Extended Cab Pick-up (Jumbo Cab)
  • Van (Atrai)
  • Van Pick-up (Atrai Deck)
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Which version do you prefer?

  • S80/S81 (1986-1989)
  • S82/S83 (1990-1991)
  • S82/S83 Facelift (1992-1994)
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Which engine option do you prefer?

  • Inline-3 NA
  • Inline-3 Turbo / Supercharged
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Which drivetrain do you prefer?

  • RWD (S80/S82)
  • AWD (S81/S83)
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1987 Daihatsu Hijet S80
The Hijet S80 is a Little Kei Truck made by Japanese Car Brand Daihatsu. It is the 7th Generation of the Hijet and it produces 30 hp - 43 hp (This Variant is equipped with a Supercharger). It is equipped with a I3 Engine in most Specs but there is also a 1295 cc HC-C I4 Variant. It has a Mid Engine RWD Layout but it also has Versions with AWD (AWD Versions were called S81). It also came as either a 4 or 5-Door Van or 2-Door Pickup Truck (I chose the Pickup Version). It has a 4 or 5 Speed Manual Transmission but there were also some with a 3 Speed Automatic Transmission.
Wheelbase is 1,800 mm (71 inch), Length is 3,195 mm (126 inches) or 3,295 mm (130 inches), With is 1,395 mm (55 inches) and Height is 1,825 mm (72 inches).


Daihatsu Hijet (1990 - 1996) Japanese mini Kei truck & van variants.

They might be good for doing some light offroading and trolling with engine swaps.