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Escort Mk2
Escort Mk2 B

Nice work on the third shot.

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Thnx Mate.

While I like the angle in shot two. I feel it would of looked better with some more aperture.

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Thnx Pebb, i appreciate the tip, Havnt done much Photo work in Forza so any tips or advice is welcome.

Added a few new shots…any feedback appreciated.

I like this -

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thanks Knights Viper…Appreciate the comment =)

Love the layout on the last shot in your 1st post

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Thanks IONizzle…appreciate the feedback =)

Added new pics and fixed up ones that had broken links for some reason

That shot of the Cortina taillight is really quite stunning!! Also really liking the two Escort pics under it great work!!

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Thnx Sp4nkn88…Appreciate the comment, glad you like them.

I like this one a lot:

maybe try a tad less exposure or cut a little bit of the sun out of the frame so we see a little more of the car’s details, but overall a great action shot, love the low shutter speed!

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Thanks Aztech318…Appreciate the comment and feedback and glad you liked the shot.

New pics added…new pics will be added in groups on new msgs.

I agree with Aztech about that shot, cool photo!

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Thnx NV.

New Photo’s.

great shot

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