Custom Paint

Probably has been mentioned before. but when will we be able to add graphics to windows? Would love to be able to splash a design across the top of the windshield or place a design on the rear side windows. You could after all limit we we would place them.

Also asking that a new vinyl groiup be added. How about adding all 50 states? In both solid and outline. Seems many people love creating state police cruisers. On that subject. Give up lightbars as a mod.

There is a lot to be desired in the customization department in Forza. I truly do not know how we haven’t gotten the ability to add windshield decals. We have cars from the Hoonigan car pack that are splashed with windshield decals, which shows that it isn’t out of T10’s grip. It is sort of a wait-and-see situation, but sadly, I don’t think we will see it until the next implementation of the Forza Horizon series as that is usually where they experiment with customization features, and then those transfer over to the following year’s Motorsport. Painting widebody kits on cars was very popular in FH2, and now in FH3 we have legit widebody kits from actual manufacturers, maybe T10 will one day notice all the paint jobs that have banners on top of the windshields to simulate how a windshield decal would look, but until then, we can only “wait-and-see.”
I personally would love for them to add the ability to keep your roof off in convertibles outside of the Forzavista. It is a shame to look at how amazing the Honda S2000, and the Cinque Roadster look like with their tops off but not be able to drive them that way.

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