Custom Designs?

Is anybody making custom designs for other players?
I’d love to see a 1980s inspired K&N filters design with my gamertag and the number 32 for a 1987 Sierra Cosworth RS500 for an online racing series!

When is the deadline? Have you got a tune I can get for the car so I know what body kit is being used. I’m not a great painter, but i have been dabbling, 80s touring cars have quite blocky designs so it shouldn’t be too tough. It would be a good one for you to start painting with. I will post up some picks later to show you what I have done so far.

Sometimes I just get stuck on things and don’t know where to take them. I find it hard to strike a balance between too much and not enough on the car. I’ve seen your paints, they are really good. I’ll keep plugging away and hopefully come up with a few good ones. The paint place is becoming my go to place when I get fed up with the limbo challenge rivals

I was able to knock something quick up last night. If you want me to continue let me know, I will add more decals and sponsors to it


Hey man, that looks great so far, the tune for the car is called CTCC, the series in racing in starts again on Monday night. Thanks so much for bashing this out for me!

I shared it under ‘iwright 97’

Hope it’s ok.

Got it on the car now, it looks sick. Thank you so much!

No bother, glad it’s ok. You should put some time in yourself, I’m nowhere near as good as the guys on here but you can get the hang of putting colours and shapes together fairly quickly.

Hardest thing to do is paint something for someone else. Especially without reference. Looks good to me!