Custom designs showing up backwards when racing online

I designed a custom graphic for my 458 GTLM and everything looks fine when I’m in the editor and during single player races, but when I go online, the passenger side of the car is backwards. Everything is in the same place but just inverted. I saved the replay of a race and when I go into photo mode, it reverts back to normal. Anyone know any solutions?

I had this same problem in FM5 with the 458 gt car. Are all the decals inverted or is it just a few?

It looks like just a few. Some of the decals stay normal.

I have this problem on the 2008 Dodge Viper. It looks right in paint shop, forzavista and test drive but in a race with other cars, online/free play/career it’s reversed on the passenger side.

That’s exactly the problem I’m having. Did you transfer the design from the left side to the right or vice versa and then readjusted them to match the other side? That’s what I did and it seems to be mimicking the design right after i flipped it to the other side. That could be the problem.

I didn’t mirror, but it was still backwards during races. Then I tried mirroring it and leaving it backwards, but it stayed backwards. I don’t have problems with the design on other cars, it looks like only certain cars are glitched.