Currently at #16 in the Americas and #43 in the world at 8:03.403, a very wet Nordschleife (2nd lap)

Had this race this morning in a public S-class hopper. No assists. I honestly didn’t think I would ever manage a clean lap on the Ring in the rain, so I’m pretty darn proud of this.

Skip to around 8:00 if you don’t want to watch the first lap.

Wet Nordschleife, Clean 2nd Lap


Very nice and you were pushing pretty hard too. I saw some air in there.

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Hey, thanks, Dan! Yeah I was pushing pretty hard, but also focusing intensely on avoiding puddles and staying on the track. I’m sure you saw that I nearly lost it at least a few times haha. Was one of the most intense races in my Forza career.

The video skips a few times it seems, but if you were doing a 'Ring “Power Lap” like the manufacturers do, you would have ran roughly a 7:02. that could be plus a few seconds if the video did skip ahead a bit. Either way, on a wet lap, very impressive driving sir.

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It skips like that because I’m a total noob at video uploading and editing with Upload Studio and I can only record 5 min clips at a time with Game DVR. This is the first replay I’ve ever recorded and uploaded.

If you want to watch a better version of the clean lap, go to the leaderboards and watch the replay from there. Thanks for the kind words, man!