Cruise Control

I think cruise control might be good (maybe left thumbstick click) as maintaining same speed with a controller is fiddly. This would be good for cruising around in freeroam and it would leave your right hand free to enjoy a beverage perhaps.
Also it would be nice to have the different traction control switches the real cars have eg Race, Sport, OFF , because it would be nice to have different levels of difficulty that way as opposed to going into the menu to change this, it’s not very realistic.
Also there are no people in the hot air balloons.

This should be in the wishlist thread, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s brilliant.

Sadly I don’t think the traction control thing would work.

Manufacturers often have their own set up for traction control, and all its different modes. Forza for the most part disregards these proprietary systems because they would be difficult to program and the console could not handle it as well as the Forza system. The result is that every car, from the Fiat 500 to the McLaren P1 has the same traction control system in Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon.

Sure, we could have a right thumb stick click to shift through various traction controls but they wouldn’t reflect the real cars, it would again be a Forza style one system fits all model where every car would have this option should you choose to have it on.

Just turn traction off. This game has too much grip anyway.

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Well, if we are going to take it this far, it would be physically impossible for the hot air balloons to fly in the heat of the day since there needs to be the temperature differential between the inside and outside of the balloon in order for it to remain inflated and rise.

Buuut, because this is a virtual world, how about we let a few things slide in the name of it being a game.

And cruise control? Seriously?

PPiDrive & Eduardo, the OP suggested cruise control, not traction control. You know, press a button and the car maintains speed for you. CC and TCS do work together, too. I know, my daily driver has both. (Or it used to, until the ABS went out and took the TCS with it… LOL)

Read the full OP. They mentioned TCS as well.

As for cruise control my cruise control is stuck at whatever the top speed of the car is :wink:

The second section was about a TCS switch. I chose to address that issue because not only do I think the cruise control would be nifty and some would use it, it would be very easy to implement should there be found a need.

Hot air balloons do need an air differential between the inside of the balloon and the outside air which is why you often see hot air balloons flying in the early morning. However, it is not that hot in the game to prevent hot air balloons from flying. The radio station often comments saying it’s 29 degree C (which is a paltry 84 degree F for those who don’t know - I will continue using degrees F since the source does). To fly a hot air balloon, the typical temperature inside needs to be around 140 degrees F above the outside air temperature. This means that it is easier to fly hot air balloons when it is col outside, but not impossible to fly in 95 degree F temperatures.

In game, assuming it is 84 F, the temperature inside our fictional balloons is 224 F. Hot, maybe unpleasant, but do-able.


On many cars, it’s the same sysem.

TASK: Keep all wheels spinning @ same speed.

Its not meant to be a sim. Those features are more sim-stuff.

HA! i never thought about the hot air balloons

I think the map is too small for CC, there aren’t enough variety of highways and just long long drives (unless more of the map unlocks that I don’t know of yet), but I do like the idea of cruise control. I would use it!

There is cruise control.

  1. Install race transmission.
  2. Set gear ratios to desired top speed.
  3. Leave car in required gear.
  4. Mute engine noise (OPTIONAL)

Happy to help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: