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Sebring in the rain. One of the most photo opertunistic scenes in the game IMO.

Great shots, keep up the good work

Nice start jake!

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I remember you. I’m glad to see that my guess was correct as far as what your first subject would be
this is probably my favourite

My favourite from the first post has to be shot 1.

Too hard to pick a fav, they are all great!

Some vintage F1. JPS livery by ryn0s3r1

I like the overall layout in shot 1. :slight_smile:

Nice work!


Some modern F1

Really nice shots!!

Olden days vs Now a days… Really like these shots but my advice would be to use a little more aperture here and there. Looking forwards seeing more!

I like the layout and colours in shot two.

+1 Awesome shot!

This one is just for fun. Doughnut fresh out of the oven!


BTW awesome gallery!