Crew Chief Mod

I accidentally deleted the Ford Crew Chief Mod received after reaching Affinity Level 25 for Ford. I do not see any way to retrieve it. Once you reach level 25 you cannot increase your affinity level anymore, so my question would be, is it even remotely possible to get another Ford Crew Chief Mod in a mod pack won in a level up spin at some point in the future? If not, is there any other way? On a side note, I have not received a mod pack in a level up spin for some time, although the cash payouts are much better than they were for the first hundred levels or so. Maybe it’s just luck of the draw or is anyone else finding this to be the case?

unfortunately I think you’re out of luck. You can’t get that mod any other way.

how did u delete it? I can’t even sell mine! I can only sell the ones I buy ore win. not the lvl 25 affinity mod…

You used to be able to sell ALL mods. They just recently made it so the crew chief mods couldn’t be sold whether you plan on using them or not.

I wish I knew GamerBlades. The only thing I can think of is when I was changing mods I accidentally deleted and sold the mod. All I know is it’s gone from my mods. It must have happened right before not being able to sell the crew chief mod. Just my luck. Maybe Turn 10 changed the mod rules to keep dummies like me from accidentally deleting their hard earned crew chief mods. I was hoping I could get it back somehow, but it would seem that it is not possible.

Those mods are only capable of being used when you’re in that specific manufacture. Longshot, scroll all the way right and see if it’s grayed out?

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Look at the bright side, at least you won’t be dirtying your lap times with those silly mods. lol

True. Good point.

Mods have kept me from setting awesome lap times on several occasions lol.