Creative director of forza horizon 6

Does anyone know who the director of fh6 is? And does anyone know if the game is going to be super cool and compensatory and perfect like fh2?
I just hope they have used AI to the extent of making features and improvements because now we are in the era of AI🤷

AI doesn’t magically make things better


Adding AI invariably makes things worse is the lesson we have been seeing from other companies integrating AI into their products

Microsoft themselves have added it as more unnecessary bloat in an already bloated Windows so it wouldn’t shock me if they added it to games. Satya Nadella has shown that he is very keen to open his wallet for anything labelled AI but hopefully AI goes the way of the blockchain before FH6 is released and we don’t have to suffer that mess


AI does have a future, it’s undeniable. As someone whose last job was replaced with AI, I can assure you that it’s real world applications still haven’t been fully realized.

I do however question it’s potential beyond things that aren’t on some level repetitive and menial. Image generation is the only thing that can possibly be called creative, but at the end of the day it’s kind of just faking creativity through a brute force process.

For coding, I could see it eventually cutting down on things like lighting/shader work, or making the bug testing/optimization phase significantly more streamlined, but I don’t think it’s going to help much with the actual creative process beyond just making things more efficient. But I doubt we’re even there yet.

Anyone who has been hands on with DLSS knows how impressive the technology can be. I do think AI is “overhyped” in the world at large though.

As for the topic at hand, as far as I know there has been no announcement for creative director for FH6.

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Wait a second, that’ll mean all us gamers will be out of jobs soon :smile:

It’s going to get very quiet on the forums when the A.I takes over testing itself

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