Create my own car sticker

I want to create a car sticker by myself. Now I have pictures in PNG format. How can I import them?
Thank you for your answer.

Forza does not allow importing predesigned image files for creating liveries and vinyls in the game, if that’s what you mean. See the Paint Booth forums for each game.

You can’t import images. Everything is done with the shapes provided. There is a thread dedicated to that question (check it out).

You can’t import images, I use “Glass2k” to copy original proportions of images. Just search for “glass2k windows 10” on a trusted Download server

Sad that this isnt a feature in FH since you can do it in Gran Turismo Sport.

if was a feature what’s the point to have a liveries/vyinil creator in the game, it would be dumb taking hours to make a good looking design when " kids" just upload it from computer!! ehehehe

How can I make my own car sticker