Create a club not working?

Everytime I try to create a club it says that there was an error communicating woth the forza horizon 5 server, anyone else experience this ? Im on xbox series x


It did happen to me aswel but if you keep trying it will eventually allow you to , I found that sometimes if the names taken it will just say failed to connect so try a different name aswel

Will keep on trying then

Still unable to create a club no matter what name i choose

I’m having the same issue. Also Series X.

+1 - got the same Problem. I’m on PC (Windows LIVE)

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I’ve been having the same issue, pc here. Hopefully this gets patched soon

Problem still remains hope it gets fixed soon

1.Try checking to make sure ur account privacy setting for “create/join clubs” is set to allow.
2.Then try to join a club, if you can join a club then you should be able to create one. Leave the joined club and try to create.
3. When creating a new club, if your name or tag are the same as another clubs the error message will pop up, meaning that name is taken. Try a combo of some uppercase/lowercase letters or symbols and it should hopefully work. I hope this helps! This is how I got mine to work after I couldn’t find any fixes on the forums. Best of luck!

Where is this “privacy setting” located? Cause I certainly wouldn’t have turned that off. I’ve used club features in every Forza previously.

Im on xbox one so this is where I go to get to it:

Go to profile>Settings>Account>Privacy and Online Safety> Xbox Privacy>View Details & Customize>Friends & Clubs>Check to see if create & join clubs is set to allow. I did this on my Xbox and mine was set to block which solved it for me. I hope this fixes for you as well!

That did not fix it for me at all, already had it set tgat waystill cant create a club

I seem to be running into the same issue as well. Additional details through trial and error from my experience:

  1. When attempting to create a club via the Horizon 5 club menu, the error message “There was an error communicating with the Forza Horizon.5 server. Please try again later.”
  2. Tried a bunch of different tag combinations to no success
  3. Also noticed the “Recommended Club” tile is also not populating for me, and attempting to click on it gives another error that it could not find a recommended club
  4. When moving to the “Search Clubs” tile, a list of Horizon 5 clubs successfully populates - however when attempting to join, it says “You’ve reached your club limit - You must leave another club before joining a new one.”
  5. Confirmed I had a membership to a Forza Horizon 4 club that has gone inactive. Transferred ownership and leave. Restarted my Xbox. No luck.
  6. Did some additional testing outside of Forza - was able to successfully create and join non-Horizon related clubs - so this appears to be a Forza club issue specifically

In my adventures around Google, this appears to be an issue that extends back into Horizon 4, so I’m a bit worried about the possibility of getting a solution for this one. Submitting a ticket via Forza Support and I’ll report back here if I get a workaround.

can confirm this issue extends to horizon 4 — i submitted a ticket a long time ago and only got the answer saying it was a known issue and i believe it’s still not fixed, but clubs work on horizon 5 but i also have the recommended clubs tab greyed out and giving me the same error.

Still not working for me

I gues this was not fixed with todays update because it still doesnt work on Xbox to create a club

I’m already in one I made but doesn’t work in game at all.

No clubs made outside the game dont seem to work at all.

I still cant create clubs on Xbox at all, no idea what is going anymore with this game.

Just tried it again for 30 minutes with no luck, no matter what tag I give it it always give the same error. This needs to get fixed and fast!

Still not working, is this ever going to get fixed