Create a club not working?

Is this even working for anyone ?? No matter what club tag I try it doesnt work

i get a pop up askin me to search the MS store for an app to search for my mates club, go to app store download xbox companion app, click on join club then takes me to the companion app an trys to join me to the XBOX clubs… trying to join a recommended club i get an error message about failed to connect to FH5 server

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I had the same problem. What I found out is if the abbreviation name is already taken it won’t let you register your club, so you have to use something unique.

Exactly this. It took me many attempts and variations before I got mine to work.

I have an xbox series s and I can create a club. I even had 6 members then one day my tag just disappeared and I tried everything to get it back. I like racing with my tag [WWMP] next to my name especially when doing a drift session with my guys! The tag will stay until I sign out of the game then it goes away and my whole club tab is as of I never had a club yet I can look it up and it says I’m the owner but its not reflected in game play. I wish they would get this fixed it’s a really cool feature and I love racing with my tag showing. There are some really cool clubs out there that I now recognize and I want to be one too! WWMP 4 life!

i also get the error 5 message when i try to create a club, i do however have working horizon 4 club, but apparently it is not good enough.
hope this gets fixed sooner than later.

I’m here in July of 2023 on Xbox one s still having the issue

I got a fix. Just spam A on the remote on “Create Club” and it should take you in. That’s what I just did to fix it. I’m on Xbox one s