Couple of tunes want, please - c and a750

As it says! No Mini though, please. C is for lobby, would like something a bit random, eg merc 500sl, or Toyota 2000. I like grip cars as I’m ham-fisted and like brakes at around 85. I try not to use traction etc, but I do use manual, no clutch, though.
A tune is for carer. Would like down force if possible. Got the doc packs, tried the viper and it was OK - had a 2nd on walking Glenn the first time in the car and first time on that circuit, so not ALL bad.

Any help / tunes would be great, please, as I’m having difficulty in tuning with any degree of success - all mine tend to “push” and not had time to fiddle much. Racerboy77 tunes I find great (supra at b is great) to give you some an idea of what sort of thing works for me at the moment.
Many thanks, chaps!! :grinning:

You might get on well with what I’ve got in my garage. Have a look at the Ferrari 250tr, the 03 challenge Stradale, a class supra or Elise.

The 250tr is abit on the wild side so be warned. I don’t have much in the way of C class available as I’m having a hard time finding a balance between grip and power. If you’ve got and requests for c class I’ll be happy to work on a 1 off for you just name the car you want

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C class 73 trans am is shared


Check out the civic 97, seems to be a car that can go around any track, i have a set up, general swift has one that looks great, CQR have one as well which looks really good, i have re done my civic for a bit better top end with pretty much the same sort of handling but havent put it up on the storefront yet. i also have a Celica which is great around any track which i will be posting soon. Check out a few of Raceboys tunes he generally makes quite good lobby cars that can suit most peoples driving style :slight_smile:

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Thanks folks! Rabbits, I’ll have a thinky and let you know, buddy.

Loving civic tunes as I actually have a highly fettled ek9 in real life!! :joy::joy:

For C, check out my Eagle talon. It has grip and a little top end to boot.

If you want all out grip, try CQR Tactical’s 04 celica. The thing is super easy to drive.

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I have a pretty good gt86 that is in c class may be worth checking out.

Thanks VERY much guys! Much appreciated that you’ve taken the time to respond. Good community. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: