Cosiminho1986 - My Forza Cup Design's

Dear all,

Thanks for looking at my designs. I’m just using the standard manufacturer logo’s with just some simple ones which are created by myself. Unfortunately there are really less manufacturer logos and I hope that the Turn 10 guys can improve this. I just don’t have the time to create logos and for me it’s also important to share my designs with the community. Anyway, give a look at my first trials and let me know if you are interested. See you on the race track !

You might find you have more than you think, it’s just a question of how you allocate your Forza time. Painting can be laborious but you can reduce some of the time by ‘tracing’ decals that have been shared by some of the top Race livery designers. It still requires some effort but it’s often quicker than doing it from scratch. It probably means you won’t race as much but I guess how much time you invest depends on how important sharing is to you.

The Audi looks OK by the way. :slightly_smiling_face: