Controller settings sluggish response

Ok it is totally possible I suck at the game. Seriously I can be just awful.

I am wondering what everyone is running with the controller and do the stick extenders really make that big of a difference? I am running 0 inside 100 outside on everything. Also what is steering linearity? It is the first time I have seen it in this series.

I am having a horrible time with the driving and physics in this game. I thought it was just me being away from the Forza series for a couple of month and some rust I had to shake off but after a day or two of playing I went back into Forza 6 and by the 2nd lap in a standard race I was back in the swing of things. Didn’t matter if it was bumper, hood or cockpit cam. Everything just felt super tight and the car I was screwing around with had fantastic weight to it. So I went back into Horizon and I was a mess I was all over the place. Asphalt is the worst it’s like every car understeers badly then I just get massive oversteer and have to gear down and brake really aggressively. They don’t have any sort of road feel. If I use sim steering i am fine then i just randomly swap ends without any kind of warning it is way to sensitive. Normal steering the cars just don’t to seem to respond like there is some sort of controller lag happening.

It doesn’t seem to matter what camera I am in, every car feels like a sluggish unresponsive mess. I can’t seem to find a camera I am happy in.

The only times i seem to be enjoying myself is when I am bounding aimlessly though fields and sand dunes in a vehicle with rally suspension and tires. Or I am doing some sort of dirt race in C to B class vehicle. I feel I could go higher maybe S1 in dirt. When I am road racing forget it is just a miserable experience.

I realise i am probably the only person dealing with this. I don’t know if it is a dumb downed version of the Forzatech engine, the arcade nature I am uncomfortable with or the locked 30 fps.

I have thought of saving for a wheel but from what I read they are having the same road feel problems I am having which is completely odd.

Sorry for my ramblings I have a tendency go on to long.

TLDR version: Yes I suck at FH3!


I have the same issue, both in Horizon 3 and Motorsort 6 APEX. The steering does whatever it wants, I can never have full control of it, even in simulation mode, like I can in “The Crew”, for example. The Crew’s steering was great for an arcade game, you could tune it to your liking. I wished I could have the same steering settings for the controller and for the wheel, to see if this is a settings problem or a core physics one.

Please help us, Playground Games/Turn10, This is being really unenjoyable… Snap oversteer all over the place, understeer, etc… Oh, and forget it if you start a jump at an angle or land sideways… Instant 180º. The steering doesn’t react fast enough. Let us control it, please, don’t make us steer as you think is best.

I gave the example of “The Crew” because it’s also an arcade game, but I’m used to playing Assetto Corsa on the controller.

Your right it’s a piece of crap beautiful but a beautiful piece of crap the steering is fuc… up it’s so much delay in the steering so when I go full throttle on a straight I can slam the stick left to right and the car still go in a straight line it’s stupid beyond belief. I thought it was me first getting old loosing reflex and stuff almost picked up my old amphetamine abuse to get an edge but I tried an old game I use to love instead and it work fine. Have tried 3 different controls and every setting known to mankind with my elite control got me the new Xbox One S model and reinstalled the game with no different result I’ve just come to face the fact that they don’t know what a fun game is supposed to feel. I loved the first Horizon that was so damn fun with a feeling more to the arcade side and that’s what Horizon is supposed to be but instead the went away from that feeling. To bad GRID Autosport did not make it to Xbox One cause that’s the most fun to drive game ever.

Have you adjusted the settings for the controller?
Go into settings, thenControls, then press the X button…there you will see a slider that adjusts the steering linearity ( steering response time ) 50 is default I believe I don’t remember which way but one way increases the sensitivity near the center and slows the sensitivity closer to full lock. The other way slows the center and speeds up the sensitivity near full lock. Both are proportionately to how far you move the stick…meaning the adjustments are tapered.
This may help you with your problem. I will say though the steering is more arcadish here than in Forza 6 but it is a game designed to be more arcadish as who in real life cruises off road in a Bugatti??? The more serious version comes out this fall with Forza Motorsport 7. I enjoy both for what they offer and I am happy they do offer both.

You can experiment with steering linearity which I believe is a really nice option to have. I’m hoping this and other adjustments for speed sensitive steering are added by default in all future Forza games.

The control is a bit laggy compared to 60 fps FM games. Horizon 1 was fine however; I’ve only felt the sluggish/laggy steering in Horizon 2 and 3. This is not a TV thing either - it’s just how the game is. And those who say control is fine probably whack or flick the stick from side to side.

It isn’t so bad really, just not as responsive as the FM games.

Speed Demon, I do flick the stick if I use a controller but hardly ever do since I have a nice wheel set up. I was only trying to give options to those who dislike it as it is.

To me, all of the cars feel sluggish, as if there’s a filter blanketing the responsiveness. I get that it can’t be straight up arcade controls or else, every car would steer the same. I don’t know.

It is not just you. Even Jeremy Clarkson commented on how the steering was just not very good. The problem is particularly severe on dry asphalt because the car’s rear end is practically on rails. On dirt or wet pavement, the rear end will break loose, which helps you steer, compensating at least in part for the loss of front-end steering response under braking.

Note that experienced users and tuners can iron out this problem quite well, so don’t despair. But the fact is that new players, and those who just want to pick up a controller and play for a bit will have to deal with the inexplicable loss of steering response under certain conditions.

Edit: As far as steering deadzones, go into cockpit view and remain stationary. Move the steering stick left and right slowly, noting its behavior on the car’s steering wheel through the entire range. If it has a dead feeling in the center, lower that deadzone. If it drifts, raise the deadzone. If you reach left or right lock (near 90-degree wheel turn) too soon, narrow the edge deadzones (higher number). If you can’t reach left or right lock, widen them (lower number).

I found on my controller that I can lower the center deadzone without input drift, but that I couldn’t reach left lock reliably without widening the edge deadzones a bit.


^^ I bet Horizon 3 works great on a wheel. I hear that there are wheel issues in FM6 now such as lack of vibration and/or feedback. Would you agree?

Speed, it is nice with a wheel but still not as accurate as Forza 6. In Forza 6 I use 540 rotation and love it ( exept with the hand movement stopping at 1/4 turn meaning the hand and wheel stop rotating even though the cars wheels still turn when either rt or left hand get to the top in cockpit veiw ). In Horizon I use 360 rotation as the sluggishness does affect my ability to correct a slide with 540. I have changed the lin steering slider some to help this but still not as good as Forza 6.
About the Vibration in Forza 6… Well hard for me to say here as I have been doing a bunch of Asseto Corsa lately and that FFB and feeling of the cars is so good that Forza will feel like less even though it may still be that same. If I had only played Forza I would be able to give a better answer.
I am really hoping they make a bunch of adjustments and allow some sliders in Forza 7 but not as many as Project cars as that was just plain overwhelming for me.

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“Steering Linearity” is the sensitivity curve of the steering wheel.

50 is a straight line. The stick has equal sensitivity towards the edge as it does towards the center. This is the default setting.

Less than 50 means that the stick is more sensitive near the center and less sensitive near the edge. This is useful if you move the stick very lightly and tend to exaggerate your movements as you move away from the center.

More than 50 means the stick is less sensitive near the center, and more sensitive near the edge. This is useful if you have a hard time controlling the stick when its near the center, but have finer control near the edge.

I have mine set slightly above 50, because I have terrible control near the center of the stick. i prefer to use the outer edge of the stick for control. It all comes down to personal preference. If its feeling sluggish, try adjusting teh deadzones and the steering linearity. It may take a bit of experimentation to get it set to your liking.

What I hate mostly is the lag between Reverse and 1st gear. There’s more than a second of time where there’s no throttle response. FM6 doesn’t have this as bad as where Horizon does. Especially when you’re trying to get back into a race after Mr. Douchey McDoucheface wants to slam you into a tree or wall!