Constructive Criticism for Turn 10

I’ve always been a forza fan since the first one came out, and you guys have never disappointed me. You haven’t just disappointed me but practically half the community with the disgrace of the XBOX 360 version of FH2. Infact, during a online ‘roadtrip’ a guy was on the chat talking about this. This is not a thread for swearing or hating but merely for posting CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM about the XBOX 360 VERSION OF FORZA HORIZON 2. Here’s my critique.

It is unfinished: Terrain geometry is different from the actual collision models; I.e. sinking into the ground or glitchy bumps/jumps. This is annoying and makes the Southwestern Sprint very hard in the beginning because the road acts like a bunch of speed bumps with potholes in them. The hi-poly ‘interior’ view models of some cars have unfinished textures and paint shop decal zones. The H1, SLR McLaren and Transit SSV have unfinished light textures. The Willy’s MB has no rear decal zone. There is NO EXCUSE for a AAA game to be released in the early beta stage. If you need more time to develop it, than use more time.

Easily implementable features left out: There is no way any of the following features listed could not be implemented. Even FM1 for the original XBOX had tuning, and it isn’t hard to code chrome paint or paintable stock rims. Removing all the new cars and wheels has no purpose other than making the XBOX ONE version more desirable and making the community upset. The textures are atrocious for buildings, the ruins, traffic, destructable objects among other things. I don’t mean bad compared to XBOX ONE, I mean compared to FM2. Speaking of which, even FM2 had DLC and Rewards. Seriously disappointed on this front.

Removing cars, wheels, engine/drivetrain swaps and more bodykits: This is getting ridiculous. Almost no cars have engine swaps. Those that do aren’t really desirable or need engine swaps. FM1 now has a better wheel selection than a game made in 2014. FM1, a game made 10 YEARS AGO now has more body kits, wheels, non-DLC cars and more swaps of any kind than its successor made 10 YEARS LATER FOR A MORE ADVANCED CONSOLE!

Lack of caring for the community: The community loves T10 for its games and how it respects the communities’ wishes. Now you guys are acting like EA, only in it for the money. That’s not right. Look back at your past! Do that and not this garbage. Infact, I bet you guys will take this thread, a thread for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS down and BAN me. If you do that, your just proving my point.

Post away!

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Check the stickies at the top. We already have our own fenced in area…uh…thread for 360 concerns such as this.

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T10 had nothing to do with the 360 version that would be Sumo Digital you are angry at.

I almost pulled the trigger to fill my ban quota for the day but then realized that would way exceed the martyr quota. You can post in the thread stickied at the top of the forum or email the developers at . In the meantime, if you’ll allow some constructive criticism from a moderator: taunting enforcement doesn’t argue the merits of your concerns, and in fact will backfire.